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Every little kid dreams of being a fireman 
most grow out of it:  those who dont just   
want to work in a big city at a busy firehouse.

So climb aboard, and hang on tight for the ride of your life.



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Tue. Jan 28th 2014
Sardis Firefighters Receive State Grant

Good news came into the station the other day from the office of the state fire commissioner. We were awarded our grant for $...

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Sun. Jul 7th 2013
Congrats to Firefighter/ Paramedic Gerard Gamble

On Friday the 12th of July FF Gamble received word on his passing score on his Paramedic exam, Gerard started class...

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Wed. May 8th 2013
Company 20 Hosts Annual Firemens Carnival

This year the Murrysville VOLUNTEER Fire Company located on Sardis Road will be hosting thier annual firemens carnival on the...

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Engine and Chief Catch Work on Settlers Ridge Job
Tue. Mar 6th 2012

Tonight at 2035 hours the alarm was struck for 3008 Settlers Court in Holiday Park for the residential house fire. Asst. 236 arrived reporting a working fire, having the first due Engine drop a line into the scene. 236 Engine arrived next and layed out from the 4200 block of Holiday Park Dr dropping 800 ft . Engine 78's pump man secured the hydrant as the crew reported to command for their assignment. Engine 236 stretched a line into service and made entry to the 2 story SFD as Truck 236 laddered the building and sent the stick to the roof. Crews from 78, 234 and 233 provided hands assisting as the brothers put a quick stop on the attic fire. Medic 488 handled the EMS.  GREAT JOB TONIGHT MEN ! Engine 78 operated for close to 2 1/2 as command had the companies return as they got back in service. The fire is currently under investigation with the Allegheny Co Fire Marshall's Office.

Units: Engine 236, Truck 236, Engine 78, Engine 234, Squad 234, Truck 233, Medic 488, TC 395, Plum PD

Command: Chief 236 (Glass)

Operations: Asst. 236 ( Borgoyne)

EMS Command: Medic 488 ( Simder)

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Sun. Apr 6th 2014
Engine, Rescue & Chief 78 : 1 Trapped in School Road Crash

At 14:25 Companies  20, 78, and 64 were dispatched to school road and north hills road for a vehicle accident with ...

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Fri. Apr 4th 2014
Engine, Tanker, and Chief on Commercial Structure Fire:4716 Route 66 - CCF Industries

The alarm was dispatched at 07:06 for a reported building fire at 4716 Route 66: CCF Industries in Washington Twp. Capta...

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Wed. Feb 19th 2014
Engine & Chief Run Early Morning Fire In The First Due

At 10:12 this morning the alarm was sent for 7010 Valley Vista Lane for the automatic fire alarm bringing 78, 20, 64,22, 183,...

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